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An old Sikh man in California was waiting for his second package to be delivered, when he accidentally looked at the first package’s receipt on UPS website.  And what he saw was shocking!  Instead of his name in the “Signed By” section, he saw the UPS driver had entered “Terrorist”.

The family of Blbar Singh (sic) [probably Balbir Singh], is obviously mad and not taking it kindly.  This is not the first time that a turbaned and bearded Sikh gentleman has been called a terrorist, ostensibly in a reference to him being an Arab Muslim.  Some clarifications are needed in this country surely:

1. Sikhs are primarily out of India and not Arabic countries.  And they are Sikhs and not Muslims.  In fact, foundation of the Sikh religion (as an organized religion) by Guru Gobind Singh was put precisely to fight the fanatic and fundamentalist Islamic mindset and mayhem that plagues the world today!
2. Not all Arabs or Muslims are terrorists.

UPS meanwhile has changed the Signed By name to “Singh” and is said to be investigating the matter.

Reference Link:

1. UPS Driver Used “Terrorist” As Name Signed For Package

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