Sikh kidnapped, killed, beheaded and body mutilated before being dumped in a sack

Last updated on Jan 9, 2013

Posted on Jan 9, 2013

Another beheading by Jehadis in Pakistan. This time of a Sikh living in Northwest Pakistan. Not only was he beheaded, but his body was also mutilated because being sent back.

More importantly, what makes a person do such a thing? Why are the fighters in the Islamic world – both, in the Pak Army (like they did to the two Indian soldiers) and Jehadi alike – SOOOOOO besotted by this SICK idea of Beheading? I mean.. honestly.. why?? What’s the kick that one gets from it? Must be some need that is fulfilled.. want to understand what that is?

A militant group in Pakistan’s lawless tribal belt beheaded a Sikh man kidnapped over a month ago after accusing him of acting as a “spy” for a rival outfit, media reports said on Wednesday. Mohinder Singh, 40, was kidnapped from his shop in Tabbai village of Khyber Agency by unidentified armed men on November 20. Singh was a seller of herbal medicines, a trade that is common among Sikhs in northwest Pakistan.
Singh was beheaded on Tuesday and his body was mutilated before it was packed in a sack and dumped at Zakhakhel Bazaar in Khyber Agency, unnamed officials were quoted as saying by the Dawn newspaper.


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