Sikh-urity amidst London Riots

Sikh-urity amidst London Riots

London is witnessing unprecedented riots since yesterday. Started over the shooting death by police of a local man, Mark Duggan and spread very quickly all over. 170 people have been arrested over two nights of rioting.

As per eye witnesses and friends from London, minority communities – Afro-Caribbeans, Muslims and Bangladeshis – have been mostly involved in the rioting.


So are all minorities to be blamed? It seems no.

Sikhs a large community in Southall area, has surprised everyone by coming out and standing guard. Young and old have stood guard and are patrolling the streets and wanted to defend their community, irrespective of race, religion or skin color.

In times of tragedies, it is important that the citizens come out and defend not just their own property, but that of others as well. Here is a video from Skynews on the Sikh response.

Here is a picture that will probably be the most iconic of these riots – of a woman jumping off a building in flames! It amply shows the seriousness of this human tragedy:

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