The Silly War of Dossiers

Last updated on Aug 3, 2009

Posted on Aug 3, 2009

There was a dossier after 26/11 that India gave.  Then Pakistan is said to have given a “dossier” to India on Balochistan, because of which India let the mention of Balochistan in the Joint Agreement, which of course India never received.  Now, there India is giving a fresh dossier on 26/11 with more proof.  This is the 4th such dossier to Pakistan.

With only one dossier, and that too imaginary, Pakistan is currently losing the “War of Dossiers”.  India, meanwhile, is losing the war on terror, with Pakistan’s State and non-State actors planning their actions at will and camouflaging it well. Once the action is done, they unleash the “Pacifist brigade” to start talking in terms of peace and humanity – two concepts that none of the State or non-State actors anyways don’t give two hoots about.  And then, after the fake “Oh my heart beats for Humanity” sessions, where India’s well meaning but idiotic and masochist Pacifists join in with over enthusiasm; the loss of hundreds of lives of the innocent is commemorated by as silly a thing as “sending dossiers”!!  Now, the objective remains, who sends how many and which dossier to each other.  Safety, Security and Defense can go to hell.

I am so sick and tired of this nonsensical and utterly irresponsible way of handling terrorism by all the Governments in India – including the Vajpayee Govt. – that its difficult to say where we willl be hit next by some some crank from Pakistan.

Reference Links:

1. India hands over fourth dossier on Mumbai terror attacks to Pak
2. Manmohan Singh denies Balochistan dossier from Pakistan

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