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Last updated on Mar 16, 2008

Posted on Mar 16, 2008

I was young and I slept so much that it was a joke! Whenever people would come to meet me, I would be sleeping. Yet, I was thinner. Does sleep have anything to do with your weight? Well, to be fair in my case I was a lot younger and so very high metabolism and also a lot more exercise. But still, does sleep affect your weight and health?

Apparently, according to a study from Nihon University, those who sleep less than 5 hours a day are more prone to obesity and have higher levels of blood sugar that could lead to obesity. Lack of sleep triggers a hormone that increases a sense of hunger and appetite for high-calorie foods.

Having a full night’s sleep is not always possible, especially if you are someone who suffers from a sleep disorder. This can be very difficult to deal with in the case of things like sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and more, where some people have experienced it from birth and others only begin to experience it as they get older. The risk of heart disease and diabetes is already higher and when you factor in things like lack of sleep causing a craving for high in sugar or calorific foods, it increasing their chances of developing a disease dramatically. This is where people who feel they may suffer from sleep disorders need to seek help from a doctor or should invest in helpful gear like masks from places like CPAP Direct, which are used to aid with these kinds of disorders.

In terms of everyone else, we have no excuse to try to improve our sleep and therefore, our health. So, not only should one exercise, but one should also have a good night’s sleep to keep healthy.

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