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The Slippery Slope of the Thackerays

Very soon the politicians in India – specially those who claim to espouse a certain cause – will have to be clear as to which cause really is important for them!  For example, you cannot espouse the cause of India and Hindus and yet beat up people from other states in Mumbai.

First Bal Thackeray keeps harping on his now pet theme – after MNS has won seats on that “plank” – that “Mumbai is for Maharashtrians”.  When asked Sachin Tendulkar goes on to say that “Mumbai is for all” like any other patriotic Indian would.

Mr. Thackeray is not mightily pleased so he blasts Tendulkar.  Meanwhile, Congress sees this as a nice opportunity – obviously! – so Ashok Chavan the Maharashtra CM also comes in with his remark in favor of Sachin.

Bal Thackeray’s main appeal in Mumbai masses was not because he backed a Maharashtrian cause but because he alone stood against the gangsters like Dawood Ibrahim who were aligned with ISI and used the system to their advantage.  Mumbai blasts were an important landmark.  In this fight, which ended up in riots most often, many innocents got affected.  But this was a city where the system was IN BED with the Mafia all along.  Many politicians and many Bollywood actors and film-makers were on the payroll of Dawood Ibrahim and danced to his tune.

However imperfect, Bal Thackeray did represent a way to fight back.  The actions of Dawood and his gang were perceived – legitimately or otherwise – by many Hindus as “Islamic terror in disguise”.  Thackeray was a savior when he took the fight to the opposite camp – often in times of riots.  Most Hindus in Mumbai are heard saying that if it wasn’t for Thackeray, Dawood Ibrahim and ISI would have captured Mumbai completely and created untold mayhem.  Tyranny begets and deserves Tyranny.

Many may disagree with this but it is a fact as to how the entire situation was perceived.

This exclusivist agenda that Thackerays are now following is a VERY slippery slope.  It will not only alienate them from the rest of the country and Hindus but also endanger the very existence!   A cause for which he ostensibly fought for last so many years.

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