So-called Bhim Army’s Anarchist Thug Threatens to Start Riots like Bhima-Koregaon

So-called Bhim Army’s Anarchist Thug Threatens to Start Riots like Bhima-Koregaon

These days if you throw in words like Dalit or Muslim to define yourself, you can do pretty much anything you want without any repercussions!

There is an open and unabashed threat to the Indian society and in the name of faux Secularism, people are creating armies with open threats and it is considered to be “normal” in the name of Secularism, that in reality is nothing but Hinduphobia in disguise.

This is what the anarchist-rioting Hinduphobic guy who calls himself Chandrashekhar Azad of the so-called Bhim Army says in a rally at Jantar Mantar.

So-called Bhim Army's Anarchist Thug Threatens to Start Riots like Bhima-Koregaon #UrbanNaxals Click To Tweet

Azad reminded the gathering of various incidents of caste violence and asked people to remember them while casting their votes. “A tyrant is a tyrant, he can never be your well-wisher,” Azad said, according to ANI. “That’s why I say we will repeat Bhima Koregaon. The need has not arisen yet, but the day the country’s Constitution is under threat, we will repeat Bhima Koregaon.” Source: Scroll

He is talking about the Indian PM as the tyrant, while he himself is threatening to start a riot, destroy public assets and kill people.

Those who buy this nonsense from a political “snake oil salesmen” like this – should understand clearly that the fig leaf of “constitution is under threat” is nothing but a ruse to start Bhima-Koregaon!

The ONLY authority which can decide on whether Constitution is under threat or not is the Supreme Court and what the punishment should be.

In a democracy, no individual and no political party can arbitrarily decide what they think is a threat to Constitution and then proceed to create riots and anarchy!

So, if you can clearly look at what he is saying, you will realize that under that cloak of “saving the Constitution” this Hinduphobic anarchist whom Priyanka Gandhi went to meet even when he made her wait for 15 minutes – is actually promoting complete destruction of the Indian Constitutional framework and institutions.

But what is most intriguing is why is Priyanka Vadra so eager to be in bed with him?


Do you see how under the guise of “defeating Modi and BJP”, how these criminals, rioteers, anarchists, and bigots are joining hands?

That the shameless Congress is in bed with this anarchist who is sabotaging the Constitution while feigning to fight for it is not surprising, but what is truly astonishing is that the left-wing media is actually promoting him as some “rights activist” while he is threatening caste violence fueled by prejudice against a group of people – Brahmins, who have done nothing in this generation to hurt anyone!

The Bhim Army is a Dalit rights organisation active in western Uttar Pradesh. Azad had first risen to prominence when he was arrested in connection with caste violence in Uttar Pradesh’s Saharanpur in 2017, after which he was booked under the National Security Act.

“Right Organization”?  Excuse me?  You don’t fight for rights in a constitutional society with violence and threats when everything from jobs to college admissions are reserved for you!

Bhim Army's anarchist thug has threatened wide-spread riots and no one is even checking him, while Priyanka Vadra meets him! #UrbanNaxals Click To Tweet

This anarchy and violence in the name of rights of people who are already protected by laws is nothing but a smokescreen!

In any other country, if anyone threatens to unleash large scale violence in the society, then he is considered a threat to the entire society and not allowed to walk the streets!  And that is what should be done to this joker.

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