Something fishy about Delhi Gangrape Ram Singh’s so-called Suicide

How could the main accused in the high profile Gangrape case- Ram Singh – commit suicide in the highest security prison in the nation – the Tihar Jail?

It surely seems fishy and strange.

Yes, he committed something terrible and he knew his finality – most probably death sentence.  But still, why would he do that?

The incident came to light around 5am. Ram Singh was found hanging inside jail number 3. He was rushed to the jail hospital but declared dead on arrival. The body was then sent for postmortem at Deen Dayal Upadhyay (DDU) hospital.  Ram Singh hung himself using his clothes probably his own shirt, Tihar sources said. (link)

So, he used his own clothes to hang himself??  And no one saw him doing do?  I mean its not easy to hang yourself using your own clothes!

“Singh was not alone in the cell. Other inmates were present and a guard was also posted. But nobody came to know about it. Around 5am, he was found hanging,” a senior jail official said.

So the guy never made any noise and simply… quietly .. hung himself using his clothes!  How did he latch his clothes to some hook on the ceiling without anyone knowing what happened?

Interestingly, Sheila Dikshit went to meet the Home Minister Shinde about it the first thing in the morning.. why??

Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit has arrived at the Home Ministry to meet Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde over the alleged suicide of Ram Singh, the main accused in the Delhi gangrape case.

Even the lawyer of the accused is saying it was encounter.  This is definitely going to ruin the case in the favor of the other accused.

Speaking to Firstpost, ML Sharma, who briefly represented Mukesh, Ram Singh’s brother in the case, said, “This is not a suicide. This is an encounter. This is what I had said on first day in court and argued also that he will be killed in an encounter.”
Sharma, who had moved an application in the Supreme Court seeking a transfer of the case out of Delhi for security reasons and in the interest of a fair trial, said,”If the matter had been transferred out of Delhi, this would not have happened. The matter was not transferred because of the police and because of VK Anand (referring to Ram Singh’s current lawyer) who stoutly destroyed the case by telling the Supreme Court that they do not want the case transferred.”

Because from here onwards, one could very well argue that they are in danger.

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