Sony to stop production of Cassette Players and Recorders in early 2013

Remember those cassette recorders and players – Walkman – as we were growing up?  Well Sony will stop all production of the Cassette Players and Recorders in Early 2013.

All good things must come to an end and I am sorry to report that Sony WILL discontinue early January 2013 once and for all the production of its latest Cassette Player/ Recorder! So if you are interested in getting one of this soon collectable Cassette Player/ Recorder TCM-410, TCM-400 and TCM-450 from Sony rush to your nearest Yodobashi Camera and grab one before it is too late!

The world has indeed changed from that time, when Sony defined the music generation itself.  Now, in the new world it is Apple and Samsung.  Samsung incidentally was “Poor man’s Sony” for such a long time.  Until it came out of Sony’s shadows through some kick-ass innovation and great products.

Better buy one of these as collectibles.


Sony to discontinue the production early 2013 of Cassette Player/ Recorder

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