Spiritual Saviors? But there is nothing to Save!

Spiritual Saviors?  But there is nothing to Save!

One day I happened to meet a rather self righteous-posing as a do-gooder missionary.  He had a script firmly implanted in his mind and went through the usual narrative of how I was a sinner – rather we all are – and then how Jesus could be my savior.  His small talk and then this rather despondent news of me being a sinner, without him knowing anything about me, left me really irritated.  So I took him head on.

“So, who did you say is my savior, Sir?”


“Oh, the dude who was dragged through the streets in his town and hung up to die?”

“Well, he died for our sins”

“God!!  Next you will try selling me Taj Mahal!  The guy who couldn’t SAVE HIMSELF, will save ME?!!”

“Taj Mahal, I never said that.. ”

“Well, you don’t own it, so you can’t.. but you don’t stop short of selling a guy who couldn’t save himself to me as a savior, do you?!  If he could save ANYONE dude, he would have saved HIMSELF!  So, first principle, you can’t give to others that you don’t have yourself!  Like Taj Mahal!  Now, of course, if you wanted to sell me Superman as my Savior, we could start talking again! ”  I said with a smile.

I am sure he wanted the discussion to go somewhere else, but my rather “straight talk” left him bewildered.  He hadn’t gotten to that version of the script for sure.

I have nothing against Jesus.  He was a great guy I am sure.  Enlightened as well.  But Savior?  It is time to call out the nonsense of something when you see it.

What I call “Me”, is my Body and my Mind-stuff.  We have seen people die.  Bodies perish.  Yes, some bodies have survived some millenia in ice, but they perish eventually too.  Though some deterministic scientists have been running away from it, but there is a strong case to be made for “Individualized Consciousness” that survives one’s death (Near Death Experiences and Reincarnation).  This “Individualized Consciousness” is the only thing that identifies a person – beyond the body and its parts – that can be found circumstantially.

Sages say that it is the “Karmic Structure”.  It is perishable too.  In fact, the Sages are after this precisely.

That which is perishable, cannot be saved.  It is as stark a truth as Creation and change itself.  What cannot be saved, its foolish to even try to save it.  If you still do, you aren’t a Savior.  You are an over-enthusiastic moron.

Jesus did allude to the “Kingdom of God”, or the seat of Universal Consciousness that vibrates within us.  The Creator as it breathes through us.  This part, if it is indeed God / Creator / Universal Consciousness – then it has to be by definition Eternal.  For, what good is a perishable God – even if it is to die in millions of millenia?

That which cannot perish, cannot be touched or harmed has no need of saving.  By Definition Creator is beyond Saving.

So, if we are that which cannot be Saved and that which doesn’t need Saving, what the hell do we need a “Savior” for??

The problem is that people who came up with this story in the Middle East, were Survivalists.  Like the Roman Emperor Constantine, who came up with “Nicene Creed”.  For a survivalist, Saving himself is the ultimate goal.

But Jesus, he was anything but a survivalist.  He didn’t need surviving.  But unfortunately, he is stuck with a legacy that has been shoved on him by lesser mortals, who knew no better.  So, a being who was into Blossoming, became the poster boy of the Survivalists.

No Enlightened Master saves.  Saves anything.  He / She knows it is nonsensical.  There is nothing to Save.  So, the Master is there to destroy.  Destroy your conditioning, and hopefully the “Individualized Consciousness” or the “Karmic Structure.  If you are on the Spiritual path, then you aren’t into saving.  If you are into Saving yourself, then please have fun watching a movie.  But you can’t be on the Spiritual Path and into Saviors.  You might as well wear a clown hat.  For, you are no better.

Featured Image: Flickr

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