Spiritual Tragedy: Culture Park being made at Kailash Mansarovar by Indo-Chinese Culture-Vultures!

The Mighty Kailash

One of the greatest tragedies in Spiritual history of mankind has been the rise of the religious Hindus.  The religious Hindu is a believer.. in a system that is prima facie devoid of belief and predicated on experience.  He brings the frameworks of other belief systems and juxtaposes them on an ancient set of practices that shunned any incomplete and inadequate conclusions drawn by the mind.

So, what is the impact?  Temples need to have singing priests now.  For entertainment of this idiotic successor of decidedly the greatest spiritual heritage anywhere on this planet.  The singing and the dancing after all is a nice way to keep this so-called devotee happy.   And if the songs have a pretense and sprinkling of of “sacred” words in there, then our devotee feels he has his job done.  What if even the tunes are lifted from bollywood numbers?

In such a scenario, I was horrified to learn that India China Economic & Cultural Council ( ICEC ) was planning a “Culture Park” at Kailash Mansarovar!  For someone who has been to Kailash/Mansarovar as a pilgrim, seeing a project to turn the place into some kind of a Amusement park and a museum is nauseating.

The Chinese are obviously happy.  They are even building a fantastic highway all the way from Kathmandu to Mansarovar and then to Kailash. What’s more, from the looks of it, even a plush hotel may be coming up at Mansarovar already.  For the Chinese, its a great business opportunity with loads of Indians coming, doing their amusement jig at Mansarovar – probably even have some water sports?? – and then “trek” over to Kailash.

Well, what this ICEC is trying to do is this:

You will be able to fly from Delhi to Kailash Sarovar in 40-50 minutes. A cultural park, which will showcase Indian religions is also being built there.

Flying to Mansarovar?  Showcase of “Indian Religions”??  Instead of walking up the Kailash, why can’t they even do the entire trip to Kailash on the plane itself and do the Parikrama in he plane itself?

Not just this there are grand plans for this so-called Park out there:

Besides a library, the cultural park will have a museum, a research lab for studying the geographic impacts and the changes that have occurred in Kailash Mansarovar over a period of time, a language centre to learn about and share different cultures and religions and an information centre.

Kailash is sacred not because one fine day some ordained priest went there and saw a board pinned there called “Way to Sacred property”!  But because those who understand spiritual work and energy could see the body of work available there.  The very presence in that place could give them access to dimensions and realms that even the best of Yogis could have never dreamt of.. or even accessed.

Such places are in remote places for a reason.  The way any ordinary person needs to approach them or access them is also of a certain kind.  To fly to it or fly over it is gross denigration.  It is reducing Kailash Mansarovar to a third rate Universal Studio of the East.

And, the Chinese aren’t complaining at all!  For some upfront investment, even for which they have now a partnership with India, they can reap perpetual annuity payments in tourism Yuan for ages!  The religiously idiotic Hindu is here to stay, unfortunately!

If these religious idiots can pour in millions into Tirupati, which the Government of India then uses to bolster infrastructure for other religions, and also enjoy the devotees’ wealth itself; do you think Chinese Government won’t make Kailash as “attractive” in terms of charity-money.. or rather “guilt-money”?  Every politician and actor will go there, throw millions, tons of Gold and bag full of diamonds which the Chinese Government will accept and welcome with open chestfuls.  Of course, a portion of that money will go to bolster the Defense work and preparedness that is being done on the entire route from Kathmandu to Kailash and beyond, so Tibet becomes the conduit to next gobble up part of Nepal.

Anyone who has been to Kailash Mansarovar has obviously seen the Cantonment area of Saga and the structures along with Satellite dishes being  built all along the road.

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