Spiritually, karmic lives have no meaning!

Last updated on Nov 23, 2008

Posted on Nov 23, 2008

The individualised consciousness (the mind) has arisen in the supreme being, O Ram: it is both different and non-different from the infinite consciousness even as a wave is different and non-different from the ocean.  To the enlightened the mind is the absolute Brahman and naught else.  To the unenlightened, the mind is the cause of repetitive history (samsara).  When dualistic concepts are used by us, O Rama, it is only to facilitate instruction: the division is not real.
The absolute Brahman is omnipotent: and there is nothing which is outside of it.  It is his own power or energy that pervades all things.

That was precisely my point in the piece on “The limited leads to limitless”.  Of course, my facility with words is not as good as this translation demonstrates the Great Vasistha had!

Basically that is what I have been arguing – that it is foolish to believe that one goes through multiple “lives” before one gets to enlightenment or gets purified.. at least from the spiritual standpoint.  From the physical or the mind’s standpoint.. yes.. there is an entire journey of a the mind.. from one life to another and so on.. until a point where it remains no more.

Now, this is the reason why I have always rated Yoga Vasistha so high above all other spiritual books – because in this for once, the Saint did not hide behind the trite and the poetic.  He met it head on.. something that I have never seen from the more famous and popular Enlightened Souls.. they totally failed in this area.

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