Story of the IISc Attack and why moderate Muslims Globally are to blame for Terrorism as well!

Global “Ummah” Pain and making of a Terrorist

He studied in Aligarh Muslim University.  Two of his fellow students told him how the “Muslim Community” needed him to avenge the atrocities against them.

He went all the way to Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) and in Muzaffarabad camp was formally inducted into Lashkar e Toiba.

He was given Rs 1 lakh to cover his expenses and sent to Bangalore – to kill some of India’s “IT professionals” as that is “India’s strength”!  He dutifully came to India and then to Bangalore and got enrolled into a Business Management course at Brindavan College.  During that time he kept on the look out for the seminars and happenings where the professionals converged.

What better target could it be than Indian Institute of Science – the premier Science establishment in India?

So IISc it was.

The Attack

On the due date, 28th December 2005 a Wednesday, Sabhahuddin and his associate Hamza planned the attack.  Sabhahuddin had surveyed the campus well and that day delegates were to meet at Le Meridien and then in JN Tata Auditorium and at the end of it all move to Satish Dhawan Auditorium.

The plan was to barge in to the Tata Auditorium and indiscriminately fire there with AK 47 and also lodge a grenade.  Total planned victims = 100.

The arms had arrived.  Hamza was ready.  The White ambassador was ready as well as the vehicle of choice.

Hamza started off but was stuck in the bad Bangalore traffic!  He tried his best but couldn’t beat the lockjam.  By the time he reached IISc the seminar was over and delegates were moving from Tata to Dhawan auditorium.

They nevertheless went for it.  Actual victims = One dead + 4 injured.  Dead = Professor MC Puri  (now retired Professor Emeritus in the Mathematics Department of Delhi’s IIT).

Injured included:

– Dr Vijay Chandru a senior scientist of IISc
– Dr Pankaj Gupta of IIT
– Vijay Patil, a lab assistant at the Dhanvanthri Kshetra
– Dr Sangeetha

After the Attack – preparation for more

After the attack Sabhahuddin rushed to a bus station and went to Chennai.  From Chennai to West Bengal and from there he crossed over to Bangladesh and from B’desh to Pakistan.  Hamza went to Hyderabad and then to Bangladesh and from there to Pakistan.

Both met in Pakistan at an LeT camp.  Sabhahuddin found a very angry LeT boss in Muzammil – who wanted better results.  He nevertheless rose in the ranks and went to Nepal to train more youth and then to Lucknow.

He was then to attack the CRPF camp in Rampur and then the RSS headquarters in Nagpur.  In the attack on the the CRPF camp on January 1, 2008 early in the morning, 8 people were killed including 7 CRPF jawans.

Again, AK 47 and grenades were used.  Same tactic.

Indian Infighting and Incompetence

It is so easy in India to move arms and ammunition that this guy brought the rifles to UP by train and the Railway Security Personnel did not even bother to check him even once!  This shows that if more attacks do not happen its because of thorough incompetence on part of the terrorists and NOT because our security apparatus is smart!  All this while, the Indian politicians were busy deflecting the blame on the victims themselves!  The obnoxious Mayawati can’t be expected to do any better anyways!  BJP meanwhile blamed the current Government for a soft approach that lead to all this.

Anyways, Sabhahuddin was finally caught.  And in the narco-analysis test came out with all the truth.


All these things bring the following observations from me:

How can Killing Educationists help one’s Religion?

– Does killing educationists help Islam in any way?  Is it ok?  If not, then that is exactly what the Kashmiri and other Pakistan backed terrorist organizations are up to!  How “legitimate” is the Kashmiri or Muslim fight is this is what they are upto?  The ground reality is so utterly bad in Kashmir that its difficult to even explain.  The common person is caught by this terrorism free money and gun culture.  I have talked to Army officers who tell me how people can give clues of other family members or friends on promise for money.  Some make money from both sides.  Ultimately people don’t care about religion – its their stomach and money they are after!

If only these Islamists gave enough importance to education – SECULAR education – as opposed to Religion and Battles, and held education of all types as sacred as that of religion, then they wouldn’t have done this.  But whether its the attack on school kids in Chechnya or this attack on the IISc, the priorities seem very clearly defined!  And that’s sad for the Islamic world – the priorities of those who DOMINATE the Islamic thought and action in today’s day and age is all screwed up!

Wretched Revenge Gone Wrong

– Pakistan has got it EXTREMELY wrong when it comes to India.  They have tried to steal Kashmir (sending Army dressed as Tribals in 1948) and then made a mockery of the ceasefire by relocating lakhs of non Kashmiris to Kashmir and diluting the population and yet insisting on the UN resolution – all the while purging out Kashmiri Pundits from the Indian side by terrorism. And then trying to get Punjab and in a long fight to get something away from India. The ISI has tried to get India at every step – and when nothing succeeded now, it is after the hard earned success of Indian professionals!

Of course, given the situation in Pakistan today its easy to see that all the efforts to create a “Strategic Depth” against India through terrorism has created an internal monster.  But the lesson is still lost on ISI and the Pakistan Army.

The best way to seek revenge is to do better yourself.  And that is what India has thankfully followed for last 5-6 years.  Less jingoism and more self success.  Pakistan, on the other hand, has been trying its luck with its old past time – playing global geo-politics and taking money from US for its support.

Money never made anyone rich!  Money never goes to the person who has more money.  It always goes to the person who knows how to use the money for thats what the banks do – they take money from people who dont know how to use it and give it to people who know how to use it!.

Institutions make a society rich!  Instead of attacking IISc, Pakistan should have sent a delegation to India to LEARN how to create a premier science institution on the lines of IISc.  By making a “Pakistan Institute of Science” better than India’s in the long run, and creating better patents and work, it should have “beaten” India.  Not by lodging grenades and killing professors!

Why Moderate Muslims are to Blame for all terrorism?

– Many moderates amongst Muslims complain that why is a Religion targetted when only a few do terrorism.  Well, this incident should AMPLY explain why?  The PAN-ISLAMIC nature of the religion is the main reason.  Yes, Hindus in Fijis are not treated well… but its their problem.  Tamil Hindus in Sri Lanka have had a tough time, but its their issue!  For me, India’s interests are SUPREME!

But had it been a Muslim guy, for him the fact that fellow-religionists in Guyana are having it tough would be enough reason for the entire Islamic Ummah to revolt and fight for him!  Now, if the PAIN of one “believer” can be TRANSFERRED to other “believers” then how can they escape the “BLAME”??

DUTY and RESPONSIBILITY go together.  So if you believe responding to every and each Muslim’s pain (and not your own society) to be your “Duty”; then the SINS of each Muslim should also be your responsibility.  Isn’t it?

I have never heard any Pakistani tell me that the pain of a Pakistani Parsi or a Pakistani Hindu to him is MORE important than the pain of a Chechen Muslim.

It is obvious that the ACT of the Chechen Muslim should be as much be an ACT of a non-acting Pakistani!

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