Sunny Leone and “Ek tha Tiger” top People and Movies Google searches for India in 2012

What was the world searching for in 2012 on Google?

Well, the results for India are the most fascinating.  What surprised me was that Sunny Leone (Porn Star-turned-Bollywood actress) was the top search in “People” category, followed by yester-year Superstar who died in this year – Rajesh Khanna.  For the year it seems that Salman Khan and Akshay Kumaar movies remained the most searched.  (Source – Google Zeitgeist)

Search Trends for India in 2012

For US the trends were as below.  Whitney Houston topped all searches.  She died in the year.

Sunny Leone, Rajesh Khanna and Poonam Pandey top 3 people on Google search [Zeitgeist 2012]

What Indians searched on Internet in 2012? [Google Zeitgeist]

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Sunny Leone ‘craves’ to learn Bollywood moves

Rajesh Khanna’s family to see his last film first

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