Last updated on Jun 22, 2009

Posted on Jun 22, 2009

Since I was a child, I dared to imagine this dynamic duo working together to solve the world’s problems and to help us on, I know now is named self-improvement. It was about fifteen years ago when the affirmation
“AD ROSAM PER CRUCEM. AD CRUCEM PER ROSAM” made the miracle of balancing these two great human-spiritual qualities into one UNITY.
  Visualize your pineal body as you pronounce this affirmation three times, then do the same with your pituitary gland, but now pronounce “RRAAA-MMMAAA” next visualize your third eye and pronounce also three times:
Then your thyroid gland pronouncing three times KHEEÍII—RRAAA”
 Finish visualizing your heart and pronouncing there times once more:
  The meditate for a few minutes imagining that right from the middle of your chest a fragrant smell of roses emanates from a huge red rose. This rose is full of dew drops, plus a bright pink color that surrounds you totally; next cover your whole room with the smell and color being suggested.
 To finish face eastwards bow three times where a Divine sign raises tall and majestic. Say a silent prayer to the God of you understanding  and pronounce with your heart “  OOOOOOOMMMMMMM”

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