Supreme Court asks Indian Govt to ban all GMO field trials for 10 years

Thanks to the agriculture activists and also unprecedented activism by the Supreme Court, India is one of the few countries to stand up to Monsanto.  Monsanto has been very aggressive at pushing its Genetically Modified seeds and crops all over the world.  While these crops may increase production, they will also make the target countries slaves of this company’s products for ever.  So, it is important and indeed critical to beat Monsanto at this game at the very outset – in a legal manner.

India, the same country that hit Monsanto with ‘biopiracy’ charges for patenting life on the planet, is the latest nation to take a stand. The nation’s new expert committee appointed by the Supreme Court of India is now calling upon the Indian government to enact a 10 year ban on all GMO crop field trials for the next 10 years.

The new law will forbid Monsanto to test their products on Indian soil.  This company is extremely unscrupulous when it comes to messing up the resources that farmers in any country have.  They don’t blink an eye in screwing up the varieties of even the organic farmers just to get their work done!

The new law would forbid any biotech agencies from testing their latest GMO crops on India’s soil, therefore preventing the serious issue of contamination and environmental damage. Contamination that is much more than an unlikely but problematic scenario. Monsanto has been caught in the past contaminating even organic seed varieties, and has gone as far as to plant their experimental crops before the USDA allowed them to. Thankfully, the organic farmers were able to catch the contamination before it spread.

If you have any experience with Monsanto or the GMO varieties, please do share your experiences.

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