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What the Heck is Our Universe Expanding Into?!

Nobel Laureate Adam Riess of the Space Telescope Science Institute [,-76.622987&spn=0.01,0.01&q=39.332887,-76.622987 (Space%20Telescope%20Science%20Institute)&t=h] and Johns Hopkins University explained this year that our Universe was expanding at a

03 Dec 16 5 min read

Now your Smartphone can become a High Resolution XRay machine!

This is absolutely amazing!  If this new technology of microchip could be incorporated in a smart phone, then it could become a high resolution X-ray machine! > …thanks to tiny inexpensive silicon microchips developed by a pair of electrical engineers at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). The chips generate and

12 Dec 12 3 min read

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