Delhi Gangrape case

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Rapelay: Japanese Anime “Rape Game” and our sick society

RapeLay is a “Rape Video Game”, where the protagonist has the option and the opportunity to rape 3 women – Mother and three daughters.   When a society is full of such “training methods” to create Rapists, where can one hope to start to forge any normalcy? Although this video game is

29 Dec 12 4 min read

Delhi Gangrape case: Punishment for Rapists – Death or Castration?

Delhi’s Girl (lets call her that instead of the demeaning “Delhi Gangrape victim”) has corroborated that all the 6 guys raped her, which syncs with her friend’s version as well. (All 6 men raped me, Delhi Gangrape victim tells SDM [

22 Dec 12 4 min read

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