Rapelay: Japanese Anime “Rape Game” and our sick society

RapeLay is a “Rape Video Game”, where the protagonist has the option and the opportunity to rape 3 women – Mother and three daughters.   When a society is full of such “training methods” to create Rapists, where can one hope to start to forge any normalcy?

Although this video game is banned in several countries, it was until recently purchasable on Amazon.com.  This Japanese Anime game has taken the games involving Rape to a new level of brutality and mindlessness.

One surely cannot say that Ram Singh was impacted by this video game, but a society which can produce a Ram Singh without the influence of this game, could be even worse, WITH the influence of this game.  Here a game is training the player to systematically plot to rape not one but 3 women.

Here is the story of this Video Game, as described by SomethingAwful.  As you can see the very conception is the work of a rather sick mind!


As near as I could discern, you play an evil rapist with a penis the size of a baseball bat who methodically rapes his way through a family of three women. You start with the mother, Yuuko Kiryuu, whose name is apparently the one thing I always have the pieces to spell when I play Scrabble.

You begin by stalking Yuuko in a subway station as she waits for the train. There isn’t really a whole lot to do in these parts (they are repeated with her two daughters), but you can “pray” and god will answer your rape prayers by summoning a gust of wind that blows up her skirt. You can spin the camera around and do that as much as you want, but at some point you’re going to have to board the subway train and begin the molesting.

On board the subway you have to methodically molest Yuuko by rubbing various parts of her body and pulling up the front and back of her skirt. The game utilizes the now-classic disembodied hand that you can use to squeeze her but, her breasts, or drop down the front of her panties. Yuuko fights with you, making the skirt lifting portion a bit tedious, but it will all be over in a couple of minutes. Once you have successfully rubbed the key parts of her body and elevated her arousal meter (and painted her thighs with the ubiquitous girl juice) the train arrives in the station.

A short series of static screens tells the story of how you stalk her, but most of the text was so poorly translated that the best I can gather is that the rapist made Yuuko’s cell phone vibrate and then handcuffs appeared in her chest. After the static screens you enter a full-fledged rape sequence in the park. It’s very scenic. Yuuko cries and screams as you would expect and you can force her into a variety of positions. Once you’re done, you take photographs of her naked and covered in ghost jizz, which allows you access to her two daughters, Aoi and Manaka.

Aoi Kiryuu, whose name is pronounced exactly like the sound a fire engine’s siren makes, is the elder daughter and a sporty schoolgirl. You pray for upskirt and molest her on the subway just like mom, but this time you rape her in a grungy bathroom. She and her younger sister are both virgins, which means the first time you rape them there will be a crimson surprise all over you and them. A delightful touch.

Finally, there is wee Manaka Kiryuu. She looks about ten and you get to rape her in her gigantic bed while teddy bears look on. This was certainly the most disconcerting of the rapes in the game. Not only does she look like a child, not only does her room looks like a child’s room, but Manakavisibly cries. If you zoom in on her face you can see tears welling and vibrating in her gigantic eye sockets.

Once you have raped all three women you enter the freeform phase of the game where you “rape train” the three ladies. You do this by selecting a setting and a woman you wish to rape. You can rape them in the bathroom, the kid’s bedroom, the park, a hotel room with a bed large enough for Paul Bunyan, in an alley or even on the subway train. At this point you have a much wider variety of positions and you must complete certain unwritten challenges to unlock subservience in the women. It’s sort of like Tony Hawk, only instead of a 720 kickflip off a statue, you have to make Aoi swallow semen three times or make Yuuko spread her ass cheeks.

An interesting wildcard – and by interesting I mean “horrid” – is that every time you ejaculate inside one of the girls there is a chance she will become pregnant. If she does become pregnant you’re supposed to force her to get an abortion, otherwise she gets more and more visibly pregnant each time you have sex. If you allow the child to be born then the woman will throw you in front of a train! Take that pro-life movement!

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