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Stop “Being Good”. Be Human

Stop being good!  Just be.  We have this whole mechanism in the world where Morality and Being Good has been given over importance.  It is nonsensical. “When our humanity overflows, divinity descends,” Sadhguru tells us in this video. Looking at the reason why our humanity can get “constipated”, he tells

07 Feb 13 1 min read

What is Surrender?

What a beautiful explanation of Surrender. In Spirituality, it is always said that one should Surrender in Spirituality. Devotion is a sweet emotion and Surrender is the only way to do it.. but how can it be done. Sadhguru discusses the Surrender.

07 Jan 13 1 min read

Why Belief is not the same as Devotion

Devotion is Heer’s love. Belief is marriage. Latter does not involve the former, and former doesn’t need the latter. Spiritually, all paths require effort and awareness as well as constant attention. Devotion is different. It starts with the quality in a person with which other spiritual people end.

21 May 11 3 min read

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