Why Belief is not the same as Devotion

Why Belief is not the same as Devotion

Devotion is Heer’s love. Belief is marriage. Latter does not involve the former, and former doesn’t need the latter.

Spiritually, all paths require effort and awareness as well as constant attention. Devotion is different. It starts with the quality in a person with which other spiritual people end.

Devotion is not love. Love is a lesser level, because love beckons. Devotion loses. It cannot win, it is doomed to lose and that is why it is so high. When one enjoys the loss of one’s self, and asks nothing in return, but keeps yearning for more, then love has risen to devotion. Spiritually awakened never fear. Devotees, even if spiritually not awakened will fear nothing. Love has reached a level that is all consuming. There is no reaason to believe or disbelieve the lover. It is everywhere. Everything is your lover and thus worthy of love.

Loving everything with the same intensity as one has for a lover, confusing all for one is Devotion. Love isolates the lover. Devotion sets the lover free. To a devotee, the lover is everything. Not a moment and not an inch, therefore comes, where love and thankfulness can escape you.

You are going to love without recourse, requite or remorse.

Belief strengthens you. It is about you – the Believer. Not the Believed. It is about reinforcing the distinction of the Believer. Greatness or otherwise of the Believed is predicated on the aggression of the believer.

One believer can convert and garner more like him, and that – the act of aggressive accumulation – rubs on the Believed. Had the numbers dipped of the flock, that would reflect on the Believed. The believed is not what he is because of what he is, but because of what the believers make him to be.

The entire sham of believing, the conversion, the belief system is an exercise in aggression where the believer and his mind is reinforced. Ego enhanced.

Devotee has no time for himself. He is busy dissolving. Its not about him at all. Its about the Devoted. Devoted takes over the existence of the Devotee. Devotion is in the union, yet not. For Union will be when one “IS”. If one has lost even the basic and most fundamental sense of being, what do you unite it with? You can unite one, that is. That isn’t just is, not.

Belief, Believer the Believed – the cohorts in arms – can only lead to conflict. When I assert myself, I do it by trampling another. By standing over someone. Believer has worked out all the stories. Of practised humlity. Of treachery camoflaged as tolerance. Of tolerance standing proxy for peace and love. Believer is very articulate. He has to find ways to prove the innocence of his aggression. The sin of assertion needs a Halo.

Devotee is dumbstruck. He has no words. He has no defense. Completely defenseless, and fully vulnerable. The entire creation can trample him but there is never a cry or complaint. Who would complaint? One who isn’t? Who never has any pretensions of his dissolution?

Aggressive survival may succeed in asserting, but it wouldn’t live. Its constantly running. One post to another. One agenda to next. One person to trample to the next. No murder is unholy. Cloak of articulation has a tremendous advantage.

Jesus said “meek will inherit the earth”. He was wrong. The meek – the devoted and the vulnerable RULE the creation by loving every bit of it ever since time was. They always have and they aren’t limited to earth.

Belief can be taught. Devotion cannot be. While believer’s stubborness makes his belief vulnerable, a devotee’s own vulnerability makes his devotion unshakeable and uncontested.

One is survival and the other is living.

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