Global Warming

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Antarctica Melting 10 times faster than 600 years back

Scientists have found [] that Summer ice is melting 10 times faster in the Antarctic than it was 600 years ago, with the most rapid melt occurring in the past 50 years.  Some of their findings are truly astonishing and point to

16 Apr 13 2 min read

2007 was Earth's Second Warmest year!

If we needed any evidence that the planet is warming, then this is it, despite what those loony US republicans may want to say: > The greatest warming in 2007 occurred in the Arctic, and neighboring high latitude regions. Global warming has a larger affect in polar areas, as the loss

16 Jan 08 1 min read

How we are Raping the Himalayas!

The world is changing.  And rapidly.  The Global Warming – a direct result of increased industrialization is condemning the future of our kids like nothing has ever done before!Here is [] what the kids of Tenzing Norgay and

10 Jul 07 2 min read

Five Villages in Orissa Devoured by Sea!

Remember the scenes from "The World After Tomorrow" where the sea comes inland?  And the how the Global Warming experts talk about ocean-side cities and islands being covered by sea soon into the future?  Well, the FUTURE has happened.. and in fact has been happening for last 15 years!!  In

18 May 07 1 min read
Global Warming

We'll be Wet after we Heat up!

Congratulations!  We are right on track to heat things up a little bit.. in fact as hot as it hasn’t been in .. well.. 130,000 years! If we keep going at the rate we are going we could take the temperature of the Earth to rise 4 degrees F

23 Mar 06 2 min read

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