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IMF warns Pakistan’s budget deficit spiral close to 10% of GDP!

Pakistan’s economy is in a tail-spin.  We have discussed the impending doom for the Pakistani [] economy since 2018.  Only its shenanigans and the ability to sell any snake oil to other countries has managed to keep it from fully collapsing.  Things are about to

16 Apr 20 1 min read

IMF supports India’s proactive response to COVID-19

India has followed a different strategy than many other nations in terms of the response to COVID-19.  It has been of quick and complete lockdown.  Which makes sense for such a large country with that dense a population.  If the COVID-19 had gotten out of control, there was enough reason

16 Apr 20 2 min read

India’s Debt Amongst Lowest in the World

Global debt has reached a record $182 trillion (2017).  Per Vitor Gasper, Fiscal Affairs Department Director (IMF) – India’s debt amongst the lowest in the world – 125% of GDP vs 247% of GDP (China) – including private and public debt.  India’s private debt has fallen unlike other economies. Source: Economic

10 Oct 18 1 min read

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