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Moral Ethics and the Quantum Mind

The real utility of Moral ethics is for the times when one faces choices that are repugnant.  In normal times, there is not much morality to exercise. Western moral constructs need crutches of theories and pre-determined ideas to make decisions when situations are not straight-forward.  Morality, therefore, depends on edicts

04 Jun 20 5 min read

Morality is a tool for Inter-group Conflict

Anyone who has read my blogs would know that I am no fan of the concept of Morality.  It is contextual and above all a pretense.  That is why I found the review [

29 Oct 12 4 min read

Can Your Employer Be Your Moral Inspector?!

A conversation with my maid servant made me think about this.  Can one person be a moral inspector of another?  Be it an employer or anyone else.  Do we have the right to be moral policing of others? Read on…. “Maine kuch nahin kiya” (I have done nothing wrong) she

03 Sep 10 3 min read

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