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Buddha’s Bowl and the teaching from the Himalayas

We had all but completed the Himalayan Dhyan Yatra. Any profound experience that we had hoped for had happened. But there was a “final” parting message from my journey that I was still waiting for. Buddha Bowl and the teaching from the Himalayas #Buddha #Spirituality [

10 Oct 11 2 min read

Himalayan Dhyan Yatra: Manifesting the unmanifest

Existence in Sanskrit is called Srishti – manifestation – and not Kriti – Creation. For manifest to occur, unmanifest is an absolute necessity. Manifest, however, has no existence of its own. Its a reflection. A limited yet potently interesting one. When the manifest is “destroyed”, what remains is the raison d’etre and

08 Oct 11 10 min read

The Journey begins…

Some journeys take many years to embark. Often lifetimes. It is not that you have never gone that way, but perhaps not with your eyes wide open. With wonder of a child in your heart, as if he was going to an Island of Magic. Not knowing what to expect

15 Sep 11 1 min read

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