The Journey begins…

Some journeys take many years to embark. Often lifetimes. It is not that you have never gone that way, but perhaps not with your eyes wide open. With wonder of a child in your heart, as if he was going to an Island of Magic. Not knowing what to expect but carrying a heart full of joy and questions.

Its not that one can find God or spiritual bliss in only some remote mountain. Often we go through our entire lives without ever being in the state of humility and wonder at the same time. And while being in that state, also being in the vicinity of energies that present possibilities to take you beyond.

Journeys to far away places where many beings in the past have created spaces for invigorating your life substance can often take you to your limits of physical and mental self. That is when you can be least full of yourself. Ideal time for you to be most receptive. That’s when things can happen.

With growing comforts and mechanization, the journeys have become less arduous and demanding. That is a misfortune for a spiritual seeker although the traveller goes in comfort. Lack of preparation from being physically and mentally drained to your limits, one may have to compensate with more awareness. Awareness, that you are bringing a lot of baggage and conditioning along. Being your own constant, ruthless and relentless witness.

As the plane reaches 36,000 feet and most of my co-travellers slump in slumber, creating an opening for my deepest vulnerabilities stares at me as my greatest challenge.

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