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How Sinko de Mayo sank the delightful Mayorita

As the Duke de Richelieu was kicking the Brit arse in 1756, his chef was busy making a meal that was befitting of such a celebration after the win.  As the French Duke was victorious at Port Mahon he went through a culinary mistake which became a hit in times

06 May 15 2 min read

Famous people who missed Titanic disaster narrowly

Guglielmo Marconi – the father of long distance radio transmission, developer of radio telegraph system and a Nobel Prize winner in Physics in 1909 was offered a free passage on Titanic which floated off on Wednesday 10 April 1912.  But he had something to finish and needed to have a stenographer

05 Dec 12 3 min read

And the moon was bright….

“Oh!! I didn’t see that puddle there!’ said Geetika as she started brushing her pants wet with mud. Vikram, Geetika and Siddarth had been walking for half an hour to get to Aam ka Taal village in rural Rajasthan. They were social workers who had heard that the villagers

14 Nov 08 4 min read

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