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“Its enough! I am returning THE Taj Mahal!”

This is the season of Award Wapasi.  Everyone is returning whatever award they can dust off from their closet to return to someone.  Doesn’t matter who they return to as long as someone in the media covers it.  Some have even gone to the studio with signed UNADDRESSED checks

05 Nov 15 3 min read

How Sinko de Mayo sank the delightful Mayorita

As the Duke de Richelieu was kicking the Brit arse in 1756, his chef was busy making a meal that was befitting of such a celebration after the win.  As the French Duke was victorious at Port Mahon he went through a culinary mistake which became a hit in times

06 May 15 2 min read

Pakistan’s Thinking Encounters of Brand RANDI

When the world’s most sex obsessed country starts to think – yeah exactly, it may want to think too.. it happens – how would it’s mind work you would wonder.  Well, the Pakistanis – world record holders on searches for animal sex – have just set on the road to think with

20 Apr 15 1 min read

Urinary Pisspositions: Why are we missing the mark?

You are driving on a long interstate trip and you suddenly get all twisted because of the pressure in the stomach.  You need to go!  Meanwhile your wife has had a lot of coke and needs to relieve herself as well.  Exit after exit you are looking for a decent

03 Feb 15 6 min read

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