Pakistan’s Thinking Encounters of Brand RANDI

When the world’s most sex obsessed country starts to think – yeah exactly, it may want to think too.. it happens – how would it’s mind work you would wonder.  Well, the Pakistanis – world record holders on searches for animal sex – have just set on the road to think with their err.. “tools”.. rather firmly in the lead.

Since it was tough to go out and think on their own, they solicited their best friends – who use their resources, own their ports, give them loans (not grants!) and abandon them in all wars – the Chinese, to help them through.

Chinese thought these vassals of theirs had suddenly come out of their internet obsessions, with hands finally on the deck and out of their pants for a change!  To show their seriousness, they send their MP and former minister – Madame Zhao Baige.  Good credentials, very BAD name!!  You don’t send a lady with a Madame before her name to Pakistan to lead those perverts.

The first task was to create a name for the tank that thinks – their minds on the tank part than think.  Now, since the Chinese had sent their Madame over, Pakistanis got all excited and went back to their obsessive template that they so like.  So, “whaa-should-be-za-name?”, Chinese inquire.


Shout the Pakistanis in unison!

Chinese are flabbergasted at the quick choice that sounds so similar to the RAND Corporation.  “Now, we will have our cuter version of the RAND” the Chinese surmise completely elated!

Unfortunately, they forgot to ask the Pakistanis what it meant.

Pakistan has started a think-tank with China named #RANDI. An inside account of the naming Click To Tweet

On the way out, the young Commie Chinese recruit stops and checks with a smart Pakistani girl whom he found rather cute.  “Whaa Randi means?!”, he asks excitedly. The girl already trying to handle the testesterone-heavy crowd of her nation, thinks and then sheepishly replies “It means Madame”.

The Chinese smiles ear to ear.. bows and says  “I like.. nice .. velly nice!”

And so the Pakistanis and Chinese started their thinking venture,  proudly named – RANDI!

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