Taliban does a "Bangladesh" on Pakistan!

Last updated on Feb 16, 2009

Posted on Feb 16, 2009

Archimedes once said – “Give me a place to stand on, and I will move the earth”.  Taliban, ingloriously albeit, must be thinking along the same lines.  When the US fight in Afghanistan started after 9-11, Taliban only ruled the Afghanistan area.  US, had other agendas on their hands and ran away thinking they had won.  When all that had happened was that they had helped Pakistan to extricate Taliban out of Kandahar and give them shelter.

Within days of the conflict starting the entire rank and file of Taliban had vanished into thin air!  No one ever heard of any officers of Taliban being caught by the NATO forces.  Al Qaeda.. yes…. like those famous four No. 2’s having been caught.  But what about Taliban?  Well they were allowed to fester.  The long disengagement of the US and total denial of Islamicization of Pakistan by its rulers for so long.. including Musharraf.. and indeed doing various deals with them has allowed these elements to become strong again.  As Pak President put it in an interview with CBS News:[3]

“It’s been happening over time and it’s happened out of denial. Everyone was in denial,” Zardari said.

What better way to start their resurgence than from their patronizing country itself?  That is exactly what they have done.  They have virtually twisted the arms of Pakistan into acknowledging them on the power of terrorist activity.  I have said again and again on this blog, that for the “Terror Minds” in Pakistan, Benazir’s death, and Mumbai attacks have jjust been milestones to win over Pakistan.  This time their aim is even loftier than ruling Afghanistan – to rule BOTH Afghanistan and Pakistan.  I am not alone in this assessment.  Now, even Asif Ali Zardari, the Pakistani president himself believes this![3]

“We are aware of the fact… Taliban…(is) trying to take over the state of Pakistan. So we are fighting for the survival of Pakistan,” Zardari said, making a case of self-interest in taking on the jihadi group

As predicted for 2009 on Drishtikone, I am convinced that it is a matter of time now.

In the next year or two, I see complete Talibanization of Pakistan. I mean COMPLETE!

Pakistan has now done a deal with Taliban to enforce Sharia Law in Pakistan’s Malakand area, one of the districts of NWFP, which includes the Swat valley.[1]  The deal on behalf of Taliban was signed by Maulana Sufi Mohammad.  Taliban meanwhile has announced a 10-day ceasefire as a “goodwill gesture” and most players on their side promise to stop fighting if the rigid Islamic law and rule is established.

What is Sharia? [2]

…. body of Islamic religious law. The term means “way” or “path to the water source”; it is the legal framework within which the public and private aspects of life are regulated for those living in a legal system based on Islamic principles of jurisprudence and for Muslims living outside the domain. Sharia deals with many aspects of day-to-day life, including politics, economics, banking, business, contracts, family, sexuality, hygiene, and social issues.

Now, as much as most Muslims eulogize Sharia and Quran on the ability to “guide” at a personal level, most also realize that Sharia when implemented – even partially – messes with even the most fundamental of human freedoms.  Its reach is to the minutest of personal details.  So, the details of private and public aspects of this law are not as much for guidance.. as much as they are for interference and indeed complete subjugation!  Taliban has shown that.  And anybody who has lived in any of the Arabic countries can well testify to that.

The question now is – with the huge tracts of land from Pakistan already in the hands of Taliban – WITH the consent of the Government and the most vocal of the Islamic “scholars” and friends.. what is the meaning of “Integrity” of its sovereignity anymore??

Pakistanis have this unique crib about India and the Bangladesh – of how India broke that country… without ever admitting their own follies now very well documented in the Hamidur Rahman report brought out by their own Government.

Ironically, while most are still busy spewing venom against India and the Jews, right under their noses and infront of their eyes.. another “Bangladesh” has happened… and no tears were shed!  In fact, interestingly, IS Rehman – a Human Right Activist and Pacifist in Pakistan calls it a “Solution” for dealing with the situation.[4]

In fact, in my eyes, this is the second time that the unbridled hatred of the “other”, that unabashed Islamicization brings along with it, has dismembered Pakistan.  Last time, in Bangladesh, it was the hatred of Bengalis.  For so many years, the hatred for Mohajirs all but dismembered that country but somehow got saved.  Really speaking, Pakistan is NOT for “Muslims”, in totality.  It is ONLY for Punjabi Sunnis and the radicals.  The rest – Shias, Ahmediyas, Mohajirs, Bengalis, Biharis – are just cannon fodder.

As a substantial tract of land goes OUT of the hands of the Government of the day… willingly… and that part of the nation is lost.. without a threat to them.. Pakistanis carry on with their business… undeterred… of preparing for another war with India to.. well.. save their… “Sovereignity”!

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