Taliban Militants in Pakistan's NWFP want to forcibly marry young girls

Last updated on Jan 3, 2009

Posted on Jan 3, 2009

According to this Sharia Expert, Child marriage is allowed in Islam. “Pleasure” is main objective of marriage apart from others.

As I have been saying about the Talibanization of Pakistan, a new directive has come out in most areas of NWFP by the Taliban militants.  They are asking parents of the grown up daughters to marry them to militants or “face dire consequences”.

I am not sure what you think this is – but in my view, this is very akin to forced prostitution of young girls.  There is nothing to stop the militant from shouting Talaq 3 times or keeping as many wives as he likes… and moreover, to marry a young girl at gun point is no different than raping her.

The announcements are being made in mosques – a rather interesting place to campaign for forced marriages!

Well, there are further restrictions that are going to be put on women there as well – women have been threatened with dire punishment, if they are found outside their homes without identity cards and a male relative accompanying them.  And any couple should carry a marriage certificate or will be trouble.

And you would ask when does a girl become a target for these flesh and blood hounds who want to have an Islamic society?  Well, a widow, Salma says

“I have heard that Taliban have announced that if a girl above the age of seven is found outside her house, she would be slaughtered,” Salma said.

Interesting!  After 7 years, a girl is good to be raped and used by these animals!

All those who want to give education to girls and willing to campaign for that are definite targets as was the case with Bakht Zeba – a 45 year old councillor who was murdered on Nov 25.

Reference link

1. Girls to marry militants, orders Taliban

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