Tarek Fatah on how Zulfiqar Bhutto Hinted about Khalistan movement

Tarek Fatah on how Zulfiqar Bhutto Hinted about Khalistan movement

Tarek Fatah shares what Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto said in a small insignificant reporter’s meet in 1973.  He said that they are planning to carve out a separate “Bangladesh” within India but on the side of Pakistan.  Fatah discusses how the movement started by Pakistan eventually.

And then he talks about the irony of how the very people and minds who killed thousands of Sikhs in the areas during the partition and driven them out of the places that are now part of Pakistan, are the ones with whom the Khalistani Sikhs have partnered with!  We have discussed in detail on Operation Bluestar.

The Khalistan movement or terror activities were planned by Pakistan’s intelligence organization, the ISI, in connivance with the US.  B. Raman, who retired as Additional Secretary in the Cabinet Secretariat shared that the Richard Nixon administration had initiated a “covert action plan” along with Pakistan’s General Yahya Khan. (Source)

The Khalistani terrorists have always worked with the Jihadi terrorists to suck up to their Pakistani masters.  Not thinking that the establishment which created and perpetuated the regime called Pakistan is no different from that of Babar and Aurangzeb.  The same minds which Nanak cried while remembering the atrocities and latter who killed two generations of Sikh Gurus.

In July 1992, a Sikh terrorist Lal Singh was arrested in India.  He was working with the Students Islamic Movement of India jihadis in Aligarh to create a terror and espionage network in the country.

He said that in October 1988, he went to Pakistan from Canada on a fake passport. At Lahore’s Gurdwara Dera Saheb, he met Satinder Pal Gill, a member of the Panthic Committee. Gill introduced him to an ISI officer named Waqar at the gurdwara, who in turn introduced him to pro-Khalistan leaders hiding in Pakistan and to Kashmiri separatist leader Amir ul-Azim.source: rediff

That has been the tragedy of the Khalistan terrorists.

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