Teaser: Exclusive Reports From South Sudan

Teaser: Exclusive Reports From South Sudan

Why are 2547 Indian men and women peacekeepers in #SouthSudan? Coming soon stories of the world’s largest democracy helping the world’s youngest country on the path of peace. India has two battalions, INDBATT 1 & 2 during 2018-19 under the blue flag of UNMISS (United Nations Mission in South Sudan): The 7 Garhwal Rifles Infantry Battalion headquartered in Bor and 11 Battalion of the Jammu & Kashmir Light Infantry based in Malakal. SNI travelled over a week to the capital Juba, Bor and Malakal and two crucial areas where only Indian blue-helmets are present: Akobo (Opposition dominated) and Kodok (West of the Nile).

Overall, more than 200,000 Indians have served in 49 of the 71 peacekeeping missions established around the world since 1948. Currently, there are around 7,000 uniformed peacekeepers from India, the vast majority of them in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in South Sudan.

India has also provided 15 Force Commanders to various peacekeeping missions. India’s service has come at a cost; as of 30 June 2018, over 160 Indian peacekeepers have been killed while serving with the United Nations.

@amitabhprevi & @prtksri bring you in-depth coverage from South Sudan. Coming soon on @stratnews

#India #Peacekeeping #Africa


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