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CITY UNDER SIEGE: Terror attacks underway in Mumbai (Breaking News)


Update: Reports now that two vehicles used as explosives in the attacks….Commenter on DC reports: someone reported that a lot of dead bodies on the staircases of the Taj. – this hasnt been verified yet…….Eyewitness who escaped says that 15 terrorists were there in Oberoi between 20 to 25 years….The ATS Chief Hemant Karkare has been killed and Mumbai’s top encounter cop Vijay Saleskar has been shot dead….DFAT emergency number if ur trying to find people in Mumbai: 1300 555 135 #mumbai ….. BLOOD NEEDED…mumbai JJ Hospital no. – 022 23735555 JJ Hospital Blood bank no. – 022 23739400‎..mostly westerners as hostage….Borivali area now under new attacks ….CAMA Hospital (kids and women’s hospital) under siege! Unilever chairman and ceo and board holed up inside Oberoi…..Gunmen on the Oberoi roof throwing grenades on Anti-terrorist forces…..IBN7 channel receives email from a group called Deccan Mujahideen claiming responsibility for the blasts….. TWO MORE locations now under attack.. apart from the SEVEN reported earlier…..Two hostage situations now at the two hotels…. the gunmen were asking for and looking for those with British and US passports…. Dead count = 78!… Gunmen are Separating American and British citizens from other Europeans…..Security at the hotels helped.. and saved many people. Authorities have killed 2 and arrested 2….. Indian Army (200-300 soldiers) have surrounded the Oberoi/Trident to flush out remaining terrorists and save hostages

Terrible Terrorist attacks are underway in Mumbai!! (will keep on updating..)

Terrorists have attacks several sites and are reportedly going around in cars and shooting at random.. until last take ~ 55 people  have been killed (200 injured).  Aaman at Desicritics lists the sites:

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal of the Railway Statiion, a taxi blast in Vile Parle, and at the Taj Mahal and Trident Hotels. Trains on the central line have been stopped. Other sites of the attacks include Mazgaon, Leopold’s Pub, Metro Junction, Crawford Market and at Colaba. A BP petrol pump has experienced an explosion in Colaba.

The terrorists have grenades and AK47.  The terrorists are reportedly in their 20s and may have about 15 people in their custody – (one person saw the gunmen taking about 15 people as hostage)

Firing is still on in Taj, Marriott and Oberoi hotels.

The reporter at CNN says that there were gunmen in Taj Palace.  There are also firings in Ramada Hotel now in North Mumbai!!