Texas preparing for a potential Mexican Economy collapse

Last updated on Feb 12, 2009

Posted on Feb 12, 2009

Mexican Economy is in danger of a collapse.  A U.S. Joint Forces Command report [3] on worldwide security threats recently names Mexican and Pakistan’s economies as those which can move very rapidly towards collapse.

With increased drugs wars occuring in Mexico recently (>1600 died in drug violence last year and >200 this year), and economy in danger, State Government of Texas is currently planning for the inevitable: flood of refugees and how to stop that.

It s seems that people in the Government know that it is a “outlier” possibility, but still it is imperative that Texas state be ready if such an event occured.  After all, even economies like Iceland and UK are rather close to bankruptcy!  What kind of preparation would they do?  Currently, it seems that they are working more on the law enforcements concerns and not to hurt anyone as of now.  So, preparation is also being made for basic needs refugees would have for housing, health care and food.

How I wish the Indian government was as proactive about the flood of people from Bangladesh and either manage the borders better or make sure it knew who were coming over.

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1. Mexico’s coming collapse?
2. Texas crafts plan for Mexico collapse
3. 2008 JOE report

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