Thanks for "Sa re ga ma pa" for restoring faith in audiences basic goodness!

I had discussed about Sa re ga ma pa – the music competition show a few days back.  Somehow, this one show gives a hope to you – that things are still good with the people in whose hands the Indian music is in.  Why? because it is quite different from Indian Idol or the earlier Fame Gurukul in one BIG way – the judges respect each other.  There are arguments sometimes… but there is still respect.  A lot of respect.  It is not like Indian Idol, where Anu Malik used to treat Udit Narayana with contempt (which I found nauseating!)!

It is quite nice when Vishal and Shekhar praise Ismail Durbar and vice versa… or in the recent show when Himesh and Shekhar praised the new album from Ismail Durbar and recommended a buy.  It is not usual these days to see such professional respect!  The same love turned into reverence when Pandit Jasraj and Jagjit Singh came in!

Indian Idol is built on the premise that a reality show’s TRP rise due to the drama on the stage.  Sa re ga ma pa – the music show with the highest TRP on Indian TV – shows that TRP’s rise because people love to see something that resonates with them!  And even today – respect and love resonates with the audience.  Despite what these loonies in the entertainment business would have us believe we all are like!

So, Sa re ga ma pa – in a way restores our self worth.  It helps us deny the charge on the audience that obnoxious and egotist is our psyches and that is all that excites us.  Quite the contrary.  Thanks Zee!

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