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The Pak Commando who arrested and tormented Wing Cmdr Abhinandan has been killed by Indian Army!

Remember Wing Commander Abhinandan?  Then you will remember this photo as well.  Look carefully at the man behind the Indian lion.  And remember his face.

He was the man who hit him and tormented him when he landed in a parachute in Pakistan.  His name


Subedar Ahmed Khan.

He is now dead.  He had been posted on the LoC in Nakial sector to behead the Indian soldiers he could lay his hands on.  He was part of the SSG BAT commandos in the Pakistani army.  These low lifes have followed a pattern for many decades.  They come inside the LoC and lay in wait and then capture some Indian soldier and either behead him there or take him to the Pakistani side and then do it.  Either way they demonstrate their sub-human tendencies.

This man was killed today.

The Indian side has mentioned this.  The Pakistanis will not share this fact, but that is their way of doing things.  However, it cannot go unnoticed or unreported.

So, dear Indians, the revenge of Abhinandan’s beatings by the coward rats of the Pakistani army (who came in groups to capture Abhinandan, as opposed to having direct combat), has been taken.  The Pakistani commando’s actions against the Indian lion have been avenged!