The Zari Patka in Delhi : A Talk by Uday S. Kulkarni

The Zari Patka in Delhi : A Talk by Uday S. Kulkarni

It is often said that the 18th Century was a period of chaos in India. However, it can be more appropriately called a period of transition. The long period of rule by the Turks, Afghans and Mughals gave way to a new indigenous Empire that arose from south of the Narmada; the first time a people from the Deccan entered Hindustan. Dr Kulkarni believes it was an important historical era where we had an indigenous Empire before we fell under another spell of foreign rule.

From the mid seventeenth to early nineteenth century, the Marathas came into prominence and their objective throughout the period remained Delhi. From a bestower of favours, the Emperor was reduced to a Maratha protectorate. This talk is on this eventful period, when the Maratha flag appeared and fluttered in Delhi through most of the 18th century.


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