Thousands of Violent and Armed Pakistanis attack Indians and Indian High Commission in London!

Thousands of Violent and Armed Pakistanis attack Indians and Indian High Commission in London!

Pakistanis are ratcheting up the ante.  In London today, on India’s Independence Day at the Indian High Commission, crowds of rowdy and violent Pakistanis attacked Indians and tried to breach the Indian High Commission.

These protesters had come from several English cities in specially chartered buses and one person was arrested with a weapon as well.

Four people were arrested for affray, obstruction of police and possession of an offensive weapon, police said.
Weapon recovered by police from demonstrators (photo courtesy Reuters)

Indians who had come to celebrate the independence day were abused, and pelted with eggs and water bottles by Pakistan-sponsored protesters!

One eye-witness there said this about what has happened there in reply to a tweet by Dr. Vijay Chauthaiwale, In-Charge, Foreign Affairs Dept, Bharatiya Janata Party – who had deplored what had happened there.

It is clear that UK and its agencies have this urge to hurt India and its territory – the Indian High Commission is Indian territory!  Otherwise, how can so many Pakistanis in thousands be allowed to congregate near the Indian consulate knowing fully well how volatile the rhetoric of the Pakistani commentators and their leadership is?

Recently, BBC was caught peddling fake news videos purported to be of Kashmir.

UK has had a history of harboring terrorists who spread death and terror in India.  From Khalistanis to the Pakistani Jehadis, all have been given safe harbor in UK.

That is why one finds it hard to feel sorry for such countries when they become victims of these low-lifes when they attack their cities!  If these countries think that London can be safe even when they allow the Khalistanis and Jehadis to roam free and openly threaten the lives of Indians, then they are high on some weed.

Things don’t work like that.

If you feel that your idea of freedom is to provide shelter to the perpetrators of Mumbai 26/11, then London 7/7 will be a natural consequence.  The snakes you shelter will come to bite you one day!

Featured Image courtesy: Flickr

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