Tihar Inmates beat up Delhi Gang rapist and force him to eat human excreta and drink urine!

Wow, even the hard core criminals can’t stand the inhumanity of this guy.  Serves him right.  For once, the Tihar Jail inmates may be India’s heroes!

Even Tihar Jail inmates couldn’t stand the horror of the Delhi bus gangrape case . This came to light when the inmates beat up Mukesh, the main accused in the Delhi bus gangrape case, in the jail. Sources in the jail said Mukesh was also forced to consume human excreta and urine.
After the attack , jail authorities have decided to lodge him separate from other inmates.
The victim’s male friend, who was beaten up by the accused bus crew, identified Mukesh in the test identification parade (TIP). The identification would help police in establishing that the other accused were also with him.


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