Time to isolate 'Terroristan', Can India unite to boycott Pakistan? | India Upfront

Time to isolate 'Terroristan', Can India unite to boycott Pakistan? | India Upfront

On the debate tonight, we will talk about how decades ago Father of our Nation, Mahatma Gandhi broke the back of British by boycotting their goods and products.
Today, to fight the terrorists, there is a need to isolate the nation which is supporting terrorism.
Has the time come to honour the national sentiment of boycotting all things from Pakistan?
From cinema to cricket, shouldn’t India unite to ensure Pakistan feels the pinch?
From cricket, culture to commerce, who’s stopping India from uniting to teach Pak a lesson?
If Pak can unite to condone terror, why can’t the lobby in India unite to condemn & boycott Pak?
Are commercial consideration preventing the BCCI from taking a clear stand against Pak?
Listen in!

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