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Today I saw the future of Technology. Literally!

My friend, Puneet Wahi, today showed me a site – which is unlike ANYTHING I have ever seen!  It is the future.  Today, I really saw the future.  The site is ZCubes.

It is the entire computing world IN a browser on a site.  You can possibly do anything you want.  The founders modestly call it Web 3.0!

IT has MS Office functionality available free!  So, what’s the big deal? Even and google docs have it… albeit a little watered down.  Hmmm…. well zcubes’ office functionality is way.. and I seriously mean WAY beyond what you get in the MS Office suite for over USD 300.

Let’s see for example Excel – you can do all that you can do in Excel, plus link your sheet to any conceivable database, or link two tables just by clicking on the cells, or calculate a bessel function values for starters…  You want a powerpoint?  You can create powerpoint out of any content – from the web… from your computer from websites and then create a self running powerpoint within a powerpoint!

The features with the pictures is just the most amazing I have ever seen!  At a click you can change it as sophisticatedly as the photoshop tools would allow.  3D imaging?  There.  Convert pictures into a slideshow – yes.  Search for all “similar pictures” from zcubes itself.. yes!

What all can you do with this content?  You can create a website or publish to a blog or create a document.  Do whatever you want!  There is nothing at which you can stop.

The founder is Joseph Pally who is a Houston based IIT Madras 1988 alumni.  He has a team in India and one here in Houston.  The way the team works is also very different.  As I understand, they do not have any agenda.  They are given free reign to use their creativity.  The members come up with their own features and keep adding them!  There is no deadline.  No milestones.  The team had actually started out to create a web browser and then thought they could add a lot of other “stuff” in it.  So this is what came out.  My friend who introduced me to this site then told me something crazy.  The team also does not believe in Object Oriented Programming.  They apparently have turned technology principles and thinking on its head!  Just take a stroll through this site and check it out for yourself.  Meanwhile I will try and get an interview with Joe Pally one of these days and get the scoop from the horse’s mouth himself.