Today's updates from Deganga


Interestingly the background of the situation in Bengal got coverage on Fox News with the serious comment that had not happened in any of the Indian media.  This is what Phyllis Chesler says in the article that is relevant to the Deganga situation:

According to Ghosh, there has recently been a sharp increase in incidents of “Muslim rioting during Hindu festivals, destruction of Temples, desecration of Deities, and large-scale, provocative cow slaughter.” Worse: “Hundreds, thousands, of Hindu girls have been kidnapped, trafficked into sexual slavery, or taken as second or third wives for wealthy Muslim men. In recent years, Ghosh’s organization has rescued nearly 100 such girls, and one of his main missions has been to help reintegrate those survivors into their families and societies.

For more updates on the situation here are the latest updates from Tapan Ghosh’s Hindu Samhati reporters.


Today no attacks or untoward incidents happened in Deganga.

Yesterday (September 8th) more police reinforcements were there and more raids by the police were conducted in the Muslim villages (the source of the attacks for the last few days). Nine Muslim activists were arrested. They were denied bail by the Barasat court, due to the seious nature of their conviction.
Today (September 9th), police arrested fours Hindu youths of Deganga – Lab Kumar Das, Kush Kumar Das, Gopal Das, Gopal Das (brothers, and sons of Parimal Das), and Chana Banik (son of Anukul Banik). They all got immediate bail from Barasat Court. Advocate Satyabrata Sen, a prominent lawyer in that court represented them. There are a group of very active Hindu Samhati supporters among the lawyers in Barasat Court.

Yesterday evening (August 8th) Tathagata Roy visited Deganga. His visit was followed visits by 3 state ministers. They declared compensation for the Hindu victims, etc. Today BJP MPs Chandan Mitra and Uday Singh visited the area, accompanied by BJP state leaders Rahul Sinha and Samir Bhattacharya.

On August 8th Hindu Samhati organized protest meetings in many places. There were road blockages by HS supporters at two location in Barasat. Samhati President Tapan Ghosh attended a rally in Baguihati.
On August 9th, Hindu Samhati organized successful ‘Rail Roko’ (Block Rails) at two places one in Thakurnagar on Sealdah-Bangaon Route, and the other at Canning Station on Sealdah-Canning Route. There was massive participation in both the events.

At both the places police / rail police tried to intervene and stop the protesters, but could not succeed. Later, one Officer named KM Siraj (a Muslim) of Sonarpur RPF Police Station (Sealdah South Section) interrogated and tried to intimidate Hindu Samhati’s Canning Unit in-charge, Dinabandhu Gharami. We have unconfirmed reports that Mr. Gharami and three HS workers have been charged with a case.

Pictures from the area.  Due to curfew taking the pictures is not easy, but the reporters of Hindu Samhiti went to get the pictures to bring the news out.  Click on each picture for a larger view.

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