Top 20 All time best Indian Test Batsmen

Last updated on Feb 18, 2009

Posted on Feb 18, 2009

I have often wondered who were the All time best Indian batsmen in test cricket.  I formulated my own stat comprising Runs per innings and a combination of no. of 50s and 100s one scored with no. of Not outs per innings average added and the ducks deducted.  After all it is not only important to score runs… but also have some consistency.  Specially in test cricket.  I used the later stat as a Reliability Factor (Composite Reliability Score).  What came out was an interesting list of players.  You may or may not agree with this list.. but I would like to get your thoughts on who you think should have or not made the list.

I have personally followed the destinies and games of most players except the very old ones, and my all time favorite has been Sunil Gavaskar.  I have loved his game and used to try and copy it at every chance I got – the way he would take the stance and hold the bat to the way he would leg glance to the way he would glide the ball past the slip!  Every thing was exquisite!

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