Towards Mona Lisa's Soul

Last updated on Aug 7, 2008

Posted on Aug 7, 2008

If a happy person is a good human being, then a happier person would be an improved human being. Wouldn’t he?

Striving for excellence in all walks of life is our basic component rooted in our spiritual genes. We’ve wrongly been cursing our trials, shortcomings, and limitations for a long time. Let’s stop doing this negative action. Instead let’s remove our blindfold, and be totally aware that they are our expected golden growing opportunities so long desired. We must extract until the last drop of their juices.

I have always insisted in our society for washing our brains making us think that the more modern products we’ll posses the happier people we would be. Subliminal messages are constantly bombarded into our minds. The verb “to have material goods” has been conjugated in all the tenses and forms. These messages plus the very concrete messages on the media have almost succeeded in their mission. They have left us, just a little room for our subconscious minds to work with. How can we neutralize those terrible messages? One solution is recurring to our intuition. Another solution is to use our minds to create effective approaches to fight our enemies, for indeed they are our real enemies

Here I wish to express my full gratitude to the wise mystical teachings given to me since 1962. It was suggested to have in our bedrooms a bowl containing fresh water about three meters from our heads. This water was supposed to attract and evaporate all negative vibrations. Now with our parabolic antennas, our cell phones and our laptops it’s more necessary to do the above. You can’t lie to me regarding when asleep arriving to your brain very pornographic scenes even tough you aren’t a porno watcher. Use your imagination and think what else is being bombarded into your brain and your family members as well. Am I overreacting? I don’t think so.

Let’s now view some really positive aspects. When I was a very young person I still remember seeing senior citizens sitting on park benches, so as I was passing by I liked to observed their wrinkled faces, and how a few of these faces had a special magic glow in them. I wondered what causes this almost mystical spiritual satisfaction reflected on their serene faces. Immediately it came to my mind the painting of THE MONA LISA. What hidden secret lay behind this enigmatic smile? Now at last I think I know the answer. What we  are looking at is MONA LISA’S soul personality. For this soul personality there are no more hidden secrets. It has realized its place in the cosmic general scheme of things, acquiring the right point of view about his life and other people’s lives.

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