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Posted on Jan 12, 2009


Every one of us needs the full understanding and back up of a true friendship. It is when a person who is outside our family circle becomes our friend and we also become his/her friend a Divine blessing descends on and shelters these two lucky human beings.

How wonderful it is that here at this wonderful placew we’ve been able to count on not with only one, but with many true sincere friends. What an excellent news. This place is full of beautiful creative souls who are currently doing a lot for the improvement of our so much needed world peace. Why have we human beings have dared to fight among us, who in a spiritual sense are brothers? Why there is a fraternal suicied every day? Wht’s lacking? Those have been my questions since I was born. I was in born in 1942 when a terrible world war was ocurring.
 Why haven’t there been some tranquil moments of peace among humankind?

So in these terrible times we are living having a true friendship is something very sacred. History is consatantly repeating itself. Man is the only animal that has bumpped with the same rock, not twice, but several times.Oh! dear God enlighten our minds to spirituality by holding hands we can create a powerful circle of your Great Love. And this giagantic circle can influence pople’s minds and mostly hearts. Please allow me to offer a very simple idea. During several Sundays for ten consecutive  years some friends and I who shared the same altuistic ideals held hands after our prayers and meditations to ask for world peace. And it was surprisengly amazing how our terrestial sincere circle of fraternal love ascended to heavens, and there we were welcomed by high superior beings who together with them we could make a circle that surrounded our planet and then first everybody sent from his/her tons of Divine love, comfort, healing and true hope to humankind. We really felt blessed to be able to participate in gthis our cosmic mission and after having these experiences we understood why God apparently does nothing to ease and stop such great human suffering. Why? Because this is our mission. This peaceful mission belongs to us. A recent thought has insisted to see light. Isn’t there a way where here at Intent can be created a healing council? A council who besides does something for world peace also helps our brothers and sisters in need of healing? That’s just an idea due to the fact That i’ve disoverd many powerful spiritual beings here.

Thank you all my true brothers and spiritual sisters.

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