Truth of Pakistan’s role in Kargil Exposed by ex-DG-Analysis of ISI, Gen. Shahid Aziz

In this program Islamabad Tonight (1st February 2013) Gen. Shahid Aziz, who was Director General (Analysis) of ISI at the time of Kargil War exposes Pervez Musharraf’s short-sighted strategy of Kargil War, how Pakistan lost badly, how it didn’t even claim the bodies of its soldiers and also manipulative attitude of Pervez Musharraf during the War On Terror post 9/11. Very interesting discussion. The video is full with no edits.

All the things that India has been claiming and that the Pakistanis have denied all along, has been set to rest by this General who was at the very highest levels in ISI.  His book has to be an eye-opener.

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