Twist of fates

This week was very interesting:

– while Nepal became a secular republic from the only Hindu State in the world
– Karnataka saw BJP, a Hindu party, install its first independent government in a South Indian state.

Both will have their challenges.  I personally feel, irrespective of what religion the Nepal state follows, its closeness to China will hurt us.  China’s policy of encircling India is working very well and Indian politicians just cannot get this.  China is not a country which takes things lightly.  The Government likes to be in control of things – whether it is women’s body (as in the one child policy per family – notwithstanding its changes for quake victims) or Tibetan repression!

They have a long term plan on which that Government works and it is succeeding as of now.  It all started with killing of the last king of Nepal and has continued ever since.

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