Two high school "Top notch" teachers arrested for sex with same boy

Last updated on Mar 13, 2009

Posted on Mar 13, 2009

Two teachers in the same school – ironically named Bountiful Junior High School – have been arrested because they had sex with a teenage kid.  Both indulged with the same male student.  One, Linda Nef, 46, is married; and second Valynne Bowers, 39 is divorced.  Both have teenage kids.  In both cases the relationship ostensibly followed the same path – from personal conversations to erotic text messaging and phone sex and finally oral and intercourse sex.  Although the acts didn’t happen in school, they were committed in their homes, parking lots and public parks.  They have been charged with sodomy and rape.

Cases of such behavior has become common in the last few years.  Or at least it has been coming out more.  Where a female teacher indulges in sexual activity with an underage boy.  Many teachers have been arrested and charged and yet this keeps going on.  Do you have any thoughts on what is contributing to this?  Why despite the obvious criminality of the act would a lady in her 40s (or even late 20s and 30s) seek out a teenage kid to satisfy her sexual needs?  Why not someone her age?

Interestingly both the teachers were the top notch teachers in the school.  Students would seek out their classes specifically to attend and they were known to go the “extra mile” (too much extra one could say now).  None of them had any background of anything criminal and it was a surprise for everyone.  As one parent said about Linda Nef – “She was a good person who made an awful mistake.”

This brings one to yet another dangerous dimension present in the schools in the US these days – molestation by the teachers.  This is something that the parents need to be aware of and make sure they can track their kids over their activities and where they are.  Unlike in earlier times, it seems that even teachers are not the safest guardians now anymore!

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