Ultimate WTF moment for the Jehadis!

Last updated on Dec 26, 2008

Posted on Dec 26, 2008

Pakistani establishment pulled an interesting rabbit out of the bag – that Lahore blasts on Wednesday was done by three Indians and the mastermind was this guy called Satish Anand Shukla from Kolkatta.[1]  (Hey guys, at least while you are at it.. at least find a Bong name from Calcutta… why go for a Punju middle name and UP last name?)

Now, while the Indian officials are mad at this nonsensical action.. they arent the only ones who were befuddled.  The Jehadi establishment in Pakistan had one heck of a WTF moment!  I mean their “bonuses” would be depending on the “Kill Rate” (Number of persons killed per incident per month).  Throwing this one over the fence (literally) to this Shukla family just brings the Kill Rate average of the jehadis down substantially!!

So, they get into action.. by calling up a newspaper and saying “WE DID IT” [2] .. Damn it!  Economy aint good anyways.. CEOs aint getting their bonuses.. and money is going out of the market.. which means there is less left for extortion anyways.. and if their own “bonuses” are kicked at through this kind of careless political-tennis then it would be really bad.  In their hurry to go “prime time” and announce to the world, they picked up a new “brand name” – ‘Ansar Wa Mohajir’ – whatever that means!  And since the spokesman was in such a tearing hurry he used an innovative epithet.. ok, its his name .. Toofan Wazir!  Toofan means storm and Wazir means Minister.  Sounds about right!

Meanwhile, I am glued to the news channels to get to listen to the names of the other three guys the Pak establishment has “captured”.  Any bets?  A Sikh-Baniya combo name from Ahmedabad?  With a Jain-Khatri combo from Kerala?  Any bets?  Its as creative as you can get.

Reference Links:

1. New ploy: Pak blames Indians for blast
2. Pro-Taliban group claims responsibility for Lahore blast: Report

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